Ideal Office furniture to Gift your Work-From-Home Employ this Christmas

AQ-450 XL Plush Executive Chair

AQ-450 XL Plush Executive Chair

Now that all of us are stuck in this Covid-19 global pandemic, millions of people are forced to work from home. In this situation, to keep yourself motivated while working at home, it is very important to create the right working environment. This will not only keep you energetic but also increase your productivity.

In this process of work from home, we find ourselves hunched over the laptops while working from our sofas or beds or hard dining chairs. Such remote working positions lead to the poor lumbar support and improper posture. So it is high time you shift to a good chair to ensure that you are able to maintain a proper posture and work comfortably even while working from home for long periods.

Drawbacks of sitting in the wrong posture

Sitting in a bad posture puts stress on your spine, muscles and bones and also affects your neuromuscular tissues. This can make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day and cause pain and weakness in the long run. It can even affect your breathing as improper body alignment sometimes leads to obstruction in the breathing passage. Maintaining a poor posture can also hamper blood circulation thus causing varicose veins. If not taken proper care, continuous pressure is created inside the spinal cord which can eventually cause slip disc.

Used Haworth Zody Chair | Circa 2017

Used Haworth Zody Chair | Circa 2017

Working from bed not only can affect your health but can also impact your sleep pattern. If you sit and work on the bed all day long, your body starts considering that the bed is a place to stay awake and thus you face difficulty in sleeping even during the actual sleeping hours.

Why an office chair would be an ideal gift this Christmas?

While the employees are working from home during the pandemic, a good office chair can prove to be an ideal gift this Christmas from the company’s side. An ergonomic chair can provide them the required support for the neck, back and legs thus reduce stress even during long working hours. Research says if you can provide your with employee a healthy work chair it will not only make them happy but also improve their productivity and feel them with positivity. It can even reduce the number of breaks he or she took when they used to sit in an uncomfortable posture.

A good office chair can provide proper lumbar or lower back support. Our lumbar spine is curved inwards that tend to flatten when you are sitting for long periods without any proper support, thus leading to slouching. Not having proper lumbar support also weakens the structures in the lower spine area. A good quality office chair normally has a lumbar adjustment that offers proper fit and support for the inward curve of your lower back and helps you maintain a healthy posture for hours. This adjustable feature also fits the requirement of every individual.

Status Rectangular Conference Table | 8′

Status Rectangular Conference Table | 8′

By gifting an office chair to your employee, you can help them avoid a number of health-related issues that would impact them even after many years. It prevents any strain and injury and encourages good posture.

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