Blade Benching | 16.5′ & 18′ | 2 x 3 | 20″H Glass




Blade 6-Pod Benching | 2 x 3

Blade facing six-person layout group of workstations in two footprints with three 20″H dry erase frosted glass privacy dividers in two factory programs: FAST program (4 in-stock laminates) that ships complete in 3 business days or the FX program (15 designer laminates) that ships in 15 business days from factory to Dallas.

Blade 16.5′ footprint consists of six facing 66″W surfaces with three front/shared 64″W writable/dry erase Frosted Glass dividers. 18′ footprint is made of six facing 72″W surfaces with three shared 71″ writable/dry-erase Frosted Glass dividers. Each pod of six has two median points consisting of 20″H divider frosted glass divider in two depths for a total of five 20″H Frosted Glass dividers.

FAST Program

Offering 4 in-stock laminates to pair with 4 paint color finishes, experience a 3-day lead time on qualifying Blade FAST Program projects. Add acrylic, fabric, writable dry erase glass or PET acoustical privacy dividers to both enhance and invest in the work experience with quality and style. The FAST Program is more aggressively priced than FX, so you can meet insane deadlines and beat the competition on price and design. Standard 1″ thick commercial laminate surfaces come standard.

FX 15-Day Program

If you are looking for additional style and customization, the FX Program offers a wide variety of surface and fabric options. Hundreds of laminate options and many CF Stinson fabric options are available to create the perfect match for your brand. This next level program brings surfaces to life with textured designer woodgrain laminate solutions. FX has upgraded thicker surfaces (1.25″) with HPL (high pressure laminate) surfaces for additional impact resistance.

Blade Benching | 2 x 3:

  • 6 Workstations: 66″W | 72″W x 24″D | 30″D
  • 16.5′ – 201.6″W | 18′ – 219.6″W x 48″ | 60″D x 48″H
  • Facing 2×3 layout pod of 6 workstations
  • 5 20″H Dry erase/writable Frosted Glass privacy dividers
  • 4 FAST laminates: Electric White | Sonic Maple | Shadow Elm | White Oak
  • 15 FX designer laminates including textured woodgrain
  • 4 steel finishes: Black | Silver | Raw | White
  • Add 6 mobile 3-drawer box/box/file pedestals (Black, Silver, White)
  • Add optional fabric seat storage pedestal cushions (FAST or FX program)
  • Storage pedestals do not include cushions (Add $70 for each FAST cushion)
  • Each surface has two wire grommets
  • Wire management cable tray included
  • Low profile steel beam
  • 3mm coordinating edge banding
  • Add accessories including wire managers, modesty panels + monitor arms
  • Optional power with available power below surface for cable tray
  • Base-in feed for Wall connection | Ceiling power for power pole with harness
  • Other aftermarket screens in different colors, shapes and sizes available

Additional information

Benching Footprint

16.5'W x 4'D – 24", 16.5'W x 5'D – 30", 18'W x 4'D – 24", 18'W x 5'D – 30"

Surface Finish

4 FAST Laminates, 15 FX Designer Laminates


No Storage, Add 6 Mobile BBF