Terrace Frame Acrylic + Trubrite™ Wing Panels



Terrace Privacy Wing Panels:

Available here in either Colored Acrylic, Frosted Acrylic or Trubrite whiteboard, each wing panel affords more personal space especially in linear desk office plans. Choose from a classy frosted acrylic or colored acrylic that provides a nice barrier for open spaces that need to accommodate several workspaces within an area. Even choose for a writable surface with the Trubrite material.

Available in 4 widths to cover the desk depth, and 4 height for 16 combinations to find the right size for any desk or workstation. Matching full length panels up to 72″W in same Terrace panel series.

The framed Terrace™ privacy panel is the perfect solution for both visual and sound privacy in an active office. Constructed with streamlined framework on all four sides, this panel system can be manufactured up to 30 inches in height for maximum privacy. There are mounting four hardware options are ready in this framed accent design.

Acrylic Privacy Wing:

  • Offered here in 3 material options
  • .2″ thick Colored or Frosted Acrylic or Trubrite™ dry erase
  • Side panel divides each user with personal privacy
  • Pick from Frosted Acrylic or 8 colorful acrylics
  • Choose Trubrite™ material for wing panels
  • Available in 4 widths: 17″, 23″, 29″, 36″
  • Available in 4 heights: 12″, 18″, 24″ & 30″
  • Four bracket mounting options available
  • Easy to install with several mounting options
  • Clamp-on options fit tables from 5/8″ to 2″ thick surfaces
  • Frames are constructed using aluminum extrusion
  • All metal parts are anodized or powder coated for an aesthetic and durable finish

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